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Clear, Realistic, Measurable 


This is the fundamental step that determines the success of your company's internationalisation process

It's about understanding the opportunities on the table, developing the right strategy based on first-hand information, and deciding how and where to allocate resources to obtain the highest return

It implies several key questions, such as the following: which markets and countries should be targeted first? what kind of distribution network do you need to establish? should you partner with local companies? 

It's an intensive process that requires 3-to-6 months to complete, ideally leading to some commercial partnerships and initial sales in the area

Business Development

This is the phase when the actions leading to a long-term growth in the region are carried out

It's about setting up and managing an efficient distribution network made of commercial partners, located in all of your target countries, that enables you to serve your end clients with products and after sales services

It includes participating in the relevant fairs and organizing your promotional activities

It requires continuous support for 6-to-12 months, leading to the substantial development of your business in the region

Strategic Growth

During the internationalisation process, it might be necessary to carry out strategic projects that will further consolidate your presence in the region

Your company might decide to relocate, even partially, its production capacity in order to gain competitiveness or it might be interested in pursuing M&A and Joint Venture agreements, to accelerate its market entry and penetration

Additionally, there might be the need for professional support in order establish your Asia branch or manufacturing company, as well as to train the managers who will run your Asia business in the future

​Each project will have a specific timeframe

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