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Opportunity Assessment

Provision of a 'go or no go' recommendation based on a holistic assessment of the value chain, including size of the opportunity, ability to compete, partner availability, and regulatory implications

Market Development

Assessment of the opportunity and formulation of the strategy to enter new markets, channels, value segments and sectors

Market Penetration

Listening to the voice of the customer to improve customer segmentation & targeting, product & service offering, and route-to-market

Business Plan

Development of the strategy into a full business plan covering organisational structure, human resource requirements, financial projections, and rollout road map

Government Affairs

Design of a modern, proactive and customised approach to government affairs and corporate social responsibility to meet business objectives in the medium term

Commercial Due Diligence

Building an understanding of an acquisition target in the context of its market, and thereby assessing the ability of the target to deliver its forecasted top-line growth targets

Mergers & Acquisition.png
Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A Strategy

Develop acquisition strategies based on the client's strategic objectives, market dynamics, acquisition criteria and expected synergies

Target Search

Systematic target search, from long-list through short-list, including defining screening criteria, prioritising acquisition targets, handling early stage communication with targets, and assessing deal feasibility

Due Diligence

Preliminary diligence on acquisition targets including commercial, financial, and operational aspects; assisting clients to integrate due diligence results and full risk assessment into negotiation and transaction strategies


Perform target valuation using appropriate valuation methods; identify valuation risks and potential synergies; structure payment and other terms

Transaction Structure

Assist clients in developing and negotiating optimal deal structures


Preparation of negotiation plan and Memorandum of Understanding; provide negotiation support with stakeholders, and lobbying support with government bodies as necessary

Process Management

Act as the key interface with the target, the client, and client's other professional advisors

Interim Commercial -01.png
Interim Commercial Management

Business Missions

Organise focused and tailored B2B meetings in order to understand the potential of the local markets and the level of acceptance of our clients’ products in the local market

Distribution Network Build-Up

Search for new distributors allowing our clients to enter new markets; evaluation of their potential and fit; train them on a regular basis

Participations in Fairs

Coordination of all aspects related to the participation in fairs and exhibitions

Agency & Territorial Management

Maintain and improve the relationship with local distributors and end clients; collect orders; discuss budgets and future commercial plans

Company Set-Up

Support the establishment and incorporation of local entities to better serve the market; recruitment of key personnel such as the local director and the area manager 

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